Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Washi tape haul

New (clearance) washi tape from Michaels. When I was Smashbooking (Smashing is mostly pieces of your life more that fresh new items.)... I was crazy about washi tape! (see this video to see My Smashbook WOW that video is really old I have to do another one soon!!) Of course you could only get washi tape or paper tape or craft tape online back then(or at conventions). Speaking of conventions... wait wait, that's another post all together! So as I was saying, you could buy washi tape, but mostly online.  I was so not an online shopper at that point. So my collection was pretty sad.  Anyway now every store has washi/paper tape!! Even brands like Elmer's has a form of it! So using washi tape is a great way to add another element to your layouts! Bits here and there... they also make great grounders for titles, backing for burn outs, etc! 

How are you guys using washi tape? I would love to see or links to your works!!

"When you can, Craft!" ~JES

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