Friday, February 15, 2013

All These Stamps...

I am so glad I got inspired yesterday!! It has pushed me to use some of my supplies!!  This is the video I watched... I just recently subbed toMMacKent and she talked about stamping out a few of her stamps in different colors. She plans on using them as die-cuts.... LIGHT BULB!!
I thought to myself "JES, you don't use nearly enough of your stamps!!" So I grab a piece of semi smooth card stock from Hobby Lobby and got to stamping.  I decided that I would put the stamps out that look sort of like banners and not too layout specific. I have to say I was really really happy with the ones I pulled.  Here is a quick video of the process!


My middle son just had to help... but wasn't happy with the results and got mad :( "These are doubled!" You can guess what happened! Anyway to the right are the ones that turned out pretty good!!  I still can't get over that "Cutie Pie" stamp... soo cute!!
I can't wait to stamp out more of my stash... so I have them handy! I am not fussy cutting them until I am going to use them. Some times I want a border of white around the die-cuts and sometime I like it flush. I figured I would make that choice during the layout!

Hello: Studio G
Cutie Pie: Studio G
Enjoy Today: Studio G
Smile: Studio G
XOXO: Craft Smart
Clock: Recollections at Michaels
Rose: I got at the Scrapbook Expo video here
Air Balloon: I removed to packaging to store it.FAIL
ink: Craft Smart Black

"When you have time, Craft!!" ~ JES

                                                 Anyone else doing this great idea??

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