Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How I store my most used tools.

1.This is a Michaels.

Here's what I wanted (1*).... and here is what I have (other pics).

I brought a fabric one just like this years ago for my traveling pro makeup kit from AC Moore.  I went back there last year and found another!! The cloth/canvas ones run about $12 or so.  But hold out for a coupon and you can pick it up for less!! Aside from it not spinning it is working out great!! It has a huge center flat bottom space. The space is lined with 4 pockets. I have my regular scissors on one side and a knife in the other side(with a ton of room for more). The outside ring of pockets are the best of both worlds. 8 sets of pockets circle this organizer. There are 2  larger pockets which I have my Sharpies and pens in, they are  fold over pockets. With 6 more large open top pockets you have a ton of storage space. Plus each larger pocket has a clear mini pocket! Which I keep different color paper clips, sticky tabs, nail file(for dye-cut nubbies) and mini staples in.
The one draw back is that it doesn't spin!! Which would make the pouch 100% perfect. I am currently looking for a small lazy susan to put under it!  Any clue where I can find a cool one?? Let me know below! Talk to you all soon CSM'ers!!

How do you guys have your most used tools stored??

"When you have time, Craft!!" ~JES

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  1. Very cool... I use a craftsman tote for my adhesives and an old shower caddy from college as my tool holder... Thanks for the share.

  2. Wow just talking about that shower caddy... brings back memories!! Great ideas...


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