Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Washi tape haul

New (clearance) washi tape from Michaels. When I was Smashbooking (Smashing is mostly pieces of your life more that fresh new items.)... I was crazy about washi tape! (see this video to see My Smashbook WOW that video is really old I have to do another one soon!!) Of course you could only get washi tape or paper tape or craft tape online back then(or at conventions). Speaking of conventions... wait wait, that's another post all together! So as I was saying, you could buy washi tape, but mostly online.  I was so not an online shopper at that point. So my collection was pretty sad.  Anyway now every store has washi/paper tape!! Even brands like Elmer's has a form of it! So using washi tape is a great way to add another element to your layouts! Bits here and there... they also make great grounders for titles, backing for burn outs, etc! 

How are you guys using washi tape? I would love to see or links to your works!!

"When you can, Craft!" ~JES

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Brandie's Layout entry

This one was a pleasure to do! I really wish I could have done a process video for this... but it ended up being a 2 day'er! I got stuck with the side piece (the ABC paper). Sometimes it is better just to walk away than to force it, plus the big boys were starting to get nuts and on my nerves. It is impossible for me to scrap about them when they get me annoyed. As it worked out they were super cool yesterday so I was able to finish really happy with the out come!  

 Just a note I covered up the journal area with an owl... that owl is not on the real layout! Also in the coming photos you will be able to see this better. But I put pop dots under different parts of the clusters to give them more interest!
Thanks so much for checking out the blog. Guys you have no idea what it means to me! Make sure you vote in the polls... it helps me pick new Giveaway prizes! Check the Layout Details page for all the goods!

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Monday, February 25, 2013

I don't know about you guys

Hey CSM'ers!! So I am scrapping away, while dreaming of my trip to Michaels tonight and I loose some little embellishment I was just piecing together... now where did it go? Maybe I could find it if my work area didn't look like this during my scraps...

Happy scrapping... share your messy or neat scrappy stories below or just take the poll to the left!!

"When you can, Craft!" ~JES

Sunday, February 24, 2013

GiveAway winners!!

Thank you all for following my blog!! 

Here are the 5 winners For the 1st Giveaway!!

Bloo, Vnetta662, Eleval, K-Rock and ScrappingLatina
Winners please contact me via Youtube (1.Head to my channel 2.On the top right hand side  next to the phrase "by JESblankets" there will be a little down arrow. 3. Click the arrow and go to Send Message!!) OR Use the "Email Me" button on the left hand side of this blog!

Congrats and contact me by March 1st please!!
I am planning many more mini giveaways in the coming weeks! So stay tuned and involved!!!

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

New fun Stuff from Michaels

and here is the quick video ... I show all the pieces!

"When you have time, Craft!!" ~JES

Friday, February 22, 2013

Layout Share: My Style

 I  have to say this is one of my favorite layouts. 

I guess it stems from the colors in the picture(the one in the layout) that I really love in person.  Pale greens, pumpkin and pinky purples colors.  I also loved doing this layout, cause the subject really is so diverse it was easy to get lost in the embellishments!! So as I say in the video... I took this picture while out strolling with the baby last Saturday.
 Anthropologie happens to be one of those stores I love walking into just for the fact that it is beautiful! I love getting gifts there also. I brought my Mother-in-Law a pretty monograph coffee mug a Christmas ago!

The cluster I just am over the moon about is the one on the left side! I made it a bit bigger to balance out the 2 clusters on the right. When I took the picture the lamp base that my eye goes to is the Pumpkin/Orangey Yellow glass one. But in person the Tin teapot/watercan one is the most striking.  I wanted to bring in more notice to that piece with the addition of a metal element.
Which I didn't have in my stash!! After I took the picture I remember saying over and over "get something metal at Joann's"  I found these corner pieces, which I feel worked very nicely!    I tied in the "scrolliness" of the metal with the scrolls on the die-cut piece from Studio 112 of Joann's.  Once I got to shopping for the embellishments for this layout I had my phone out to help pick the colors. I don't think I have any other
layouts with that pumpkin color and I have to change that cause it's beautiful. Basic Grey has some sweet card-stock stickers that worked great with this layout. I so wanted to use more, but I held myself back cause I have more scrapbooking to do!  Enjoy the rest of the pictures and let me know what you think!
That "Hello" is one I stamped out a few days ago!!

The title cluster
Let me get to it now!! If you want to see the me talk about this layout and see it live... click here! As mentioned in the video I did this layout from one of my own sketches!

Main cluster...I love those Heidi Swapp arrows.

Thanks so much for reading and following the blog... more to come! Check layout details page for hmm the details :)
"When you have time, Craft!!" ~JES 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Feb 17th Haul

Hey guys... I did a bit of shopping this weekend!! One is in video form and this one will be just in the blog with pictures!! I got a lot from Basic Grey and more alphas! I am on a real alphas kick! Here are some more pictures of what I got!  Top 3 buys of the holiday weekend: SureCut Fiskars paper trimmer, Craft Smart Teal ink pad and the metal embellishments from Momenta.  

I can't wait to create with these finds!! I have been watching a lot of haul videos the past few days... so what did you guys get? 

Giveaway video and post are LIVE!! Giveaway ends on the 24th of Feb!


Monday, February 18, 2013

Get inside Basic Grey

Here is a peak inside the Basic Grey clipboard sticker pack for the Fact and Fiction collection!!

I can't wait to create with these!!! Have you guys done anything with this collection yet?? Share below a picture or link!!

"When you have time, Craft!!" ~JES

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Giveaway! 5 winners!

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5 winners!!
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Friday, February 15, 2013

All These Stamps...

I am so glad I got inspired yesterday!! It has pushed me to use some of my supplies!!  This is the video I watched... I just recently subbed toMMacKent and she talked about stamping out a few of her stamps in different colors. She plans on using them as die-cuts.... LIGHT BULB!!
I thought to myself "JES, you don't use nearly enough of your stamps!!" So I grab a piece of semi smooth card stock from Hobby Lobby and got to stamping.  I decided that I would put the stamps out that look sort of like banners and not too layout specific. I have to say I was really really happy with the ones I pulled.  Here is a quick video of the process!


My middle son just had to help... but wasn't happy with the results and got mad :( "These are doubled!" You can guess what happened! Anyway to the right are the ones that turned out pretty good!!  I still can't get over that "Cutie Pie" stamp... soo cute!!
I can't wait to stamp out more of my stash... so I have them handy! I am not fussy cutting them until I am going to use them. Some times I want a border of white around the die-cuts and sometime I like it flush. I figured I would make that choice during the layout!

Hello: Studio G
Cutie Pie: Studio G
Enjoy Today: Studio G
Smile: Studio G
XOXO: Craft Smart
Clock: Recollections at Michaels
Rose: I got at the Scrapbook Expo video here
Air Balloon: I removed to packaging to store it.FAIL
ink: Craft Smart Black

"When you have time, Craft!!" ~ JES

                                                 Anyone else doing this great idea??

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My little craft for the day

Happy Valentine's Day Lovelys!!

More details coming tomorrow when the video loads... but this is my craft for the day!!

End results tomorrow!  Good Night All!

"When you have time, Craft!!" ~ JES

Valentine's Day

I hope all of my Crafty Scrappy Mamas are having a great Valentine's Day so far!!
And if you are Anti-Valentine's Day... what are you doing to celebrate it??

"When you have time, Craft!" ~JES

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How I store my most used tools.

1.This is a Michaels.

Here's what I wanted (1*).... and here is what I have (other pics).

I brought a fabric one just like this years ago for my traveling pro makeup kit from AC Moore.  I went back there last year and found another!! The cloth/canvas ones run about $12 or so.  But hold out for a coupon and you can pick it up for less!! Aside from it not spinning it is working out great!! It has a huge center flat bottom space. The space is lined with 4 pockets. I have my regular scissors on one side and a knife in the other side(with a ton of room for more). The outside ring of pockets are the best of both worlds. 8 sets of pockets circle this organizer. There are 2  larger pockets which I have my Sharpies and pens in, they are  fold over pockets. With 6 more large open top pockets you have a ton of storage space. Plus each larger pocket has a clear mini pocket! Which I keep different color paper clips, sticky tabs, nail file(for dye-cut nubbies) and mini staples in.
The one draw back is that it doesn't spin!! Which would make the pouch 100% perfect. I am currently looking for a small lazy susan to put under it!  Any clue where I can find a cool one?? Let me know below! Talk to you all soon CSM'ers!!

How do you guys have your most used tools stored??

"When you have time, Craft!!" ~JES

1* photo credit:

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Everyday Duties layout

Hey CSM'ers!!
I finished this layout a few weeks ago... but I had so much fun with it I wanted to spotlight it on the blog!!  I am going to try and list all the products(as best as I can on here) If you want to see a live view of it... check it out below.

Everyday Duties Layout
background paper: Leather by Recollections
hexagon paper: Honey Blue paper by My Mind's Eye
flowers: Michaels ($1.50 bin)
butterfly brad: My Mind's Eye
pink and yellow matting paper: Handmade Lofty Nest specialty paper pad by K+Company
black newspaper flower: Out of Print by Basic Grey
pink buttons: Joann's
yellow droplets: Yellow by KAISERscrapbook
grey tag & pink tab: Martha Stewart
everyday: Tim Holtz Chit Chat
duties: Martha Stewart

Going forward I will be tracking my products better!! Any questions please ask below or on the video!

Top right corner
Under picture

If I didn't list something and you want to know about it... please ask below!!

"When you have time, Craft!!" ~JES


Ok so I want this to be all about the sharing!!! I want to make this a place where everyone can share and be inspired!! I will be sharing on Youtube as well on here!!  The first thing will be a Sketch Challenge and Follower Giveaway!! I really hope this blog goes as well as I dream it will!!!

"When you have time, Craft!!" ~JES

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