Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Quick Flip of New Planner: Arc

So this is my newest planner!! I just needed more space that my Daytime couldn't give me!  I have plans for my teal Daytime tho!! So stay tuned!! I will be doing a full video showing my ARC planner... but here is a little flip thru!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

New Scrapbooking Tool

I am late to the game I know... but I just couldn't handle the money for a tape dispenser. Even though some of my friends and fellow YT scrappers SWEAR by it... I resisted. Anyway  I got on a kick for tapes and I was using Ad Techs disposable ones that you can get at TJMaxx and Marshalls and Tuesday morning... but the waste is nutty.  The cost was pretty good, but it was so short lived. I did about 3 layouts per runner. So I was on the way to the Scrapbook Expo this past weekend ( see video) and had on my mind that if I saw it being sold there I would buy it.
Of course I didn't see it!!  So today I checked my apps for coupons and ACMoore had a 55% off coupon. Now since last week I have been checking all local stores to find the best price. I even used another coupon to buy the refills (yes before I had the glider) LOL... Anywho I used the 55% off coupon at Michaels  to get this set.

I posted on a Facebook group that I got the glider and got a lot of useful tips to a new comer!! Thanks everyone... here are some tips from FB and a newbie(me)
* practice before using the glider on a project
*saves money on tapes
*kind of press up and away to break tape
*you can rub off the tape before really pressing it down
*watch a video to learn how to load/reload the glider... this is the video I watched (I <3 MercyTiara)

Thanks for reading everyone... now I just have to just find where I put those refills I
already brought... LOL

p.s. Here is a link for Amazon... in case you wanted to order online

Scrapbook Expo Haul 2014

So this was my 4th time going to the Scrapbook Expo... I went earlier this year to the one in PA! I went alone and for sure did not have as much fun as I did this time.... reason... only reason  Nicole, Kiki and TheCocoMartha ie FRIENDS!!  Ok so here is the video on what I got!!  Thanks for watching and if you have any questions let me know!!
Also were you there on Sept 13th?? Did you crop?? Did you win at the crop??


Monday, September 15, 2014

Before, During and Cropping at the Scrapbook Expo Sept 2014

Did you go to the Expo in Somerset?  Have you ever been to one of the Scrapbook Expos?? Let me know below and link if you did any videos!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Storage of Scraps

Just a quick post on how I store my scraps and sticker collection.  I picked these folders in Amazing Savings (location list) which is like a Dollar Tree but things are not only a dollar.... like a chain Thrift store. Anyway... this store has a ton of scrapbooking stuff most K&Company and random brands.  I didn't label the scraps just put in color order. The stickers I had a few more categories so I had to.  Follow me on Youtube to see a video with more information!!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Daytimer planna

Here are some pictures of my new DayTimer planner.  It is called the Mom planner.  I found this one at Staples.  Once I got home I tried to look online for this planner and Staples online only had the old cover listed. Weird right.  Here are some great things about this planner...

1. Cover seems durable and the stitching around is a nice touch!!

2. 2 years to use... with 2014/2015 embossed on the front above the tab snap closer

3.The months at a glance pages are lined and separated. With a good size space to write goals and notes.

4. Although there is only one pen loop... it can hold a 6 color multi pen really nicely!! I hope it doesn't get streched out over time... so I will have to rotate the pens.

5. The pouch in the back can even hold longer markers and pens.

6. I might have used out my old one... but this planner also comes with a punch hole mini notebook. With about 50 sheets(eyeballling this amout).

7. There is an ABC phone list in the back.  I am not sure if I am going to use these... just cause I do have my contacts in my phone... but maybe I will list a few really imporant contacts in that list. Speaking of that though there is a separate 3 sheets of Frequently Called Numbers... so I don't think I will need to double up on this phone list.  The ABC list might be the only thing I move into the older planner... just to save space.

8. Holidays are listed in the month pages as well as with in the weeks.

9. Saturday and Sunday get the same space as the other days...  I find this the best cause those are just as busy days for me!!

10. There are 3 great colors for this planner... I would say head out to your local Staples to find this one! I payed around $32 for mine... I am sure maybe less with a coupon!!

11. Here is the link to the Day Timer site which still (as of 8/12/14) has this planner on their site.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Soft Summer

What is summer without a cup of soft serve?? 

So just to make sure the summer would be complete the boys and I took care of this "task" early!! June 19th to be exact!!  Here are some details of the products I pulled....

                                                                                                           Let's talk about the title... As you might of guessed I took inspiration from the sprinkles as far as the rainbow colors.... After I thought up the title (a real stretch LOL) but then I had the challenge of finding the fonts I had more than 3 colors of... 7 in fact!! Then I grabbed my letters album and searched... this is where I remembered I had those My Minds Eye block letter stickers!! They worked out perfectly!! I had decided I wanted to use the card stock sticker sheet from the Sprinkled with Love collection ... even before the title was thought of... just cause it matched so well with the papers I picked!
 Now on to the papers. I used papers from older collections as well as more resent ones. Studio Calico's Lemon Lush and the Print Shop with the American Crafts 5th & Frolic. A Print Shop collection paper is the background. I believe I ordered that from Two Peas(see next line)
That cute "True Story" badge was from Two Peas ( insert ohhhs and sad faces here...)  
Puffy sticker of Love and arrow is a MAMBI sticker.  I found more than a few of those at Mike's a couple of months back... but I know for sure that they have new ones out!!! The adhesive on those MAMBI sticks are insanely good!!! 
The rest of this layout are just great wonders from my stash!!!  I hope you like this layout and if you got inspired from this one... let me know and share!!! 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Back to 12x12's!!!

So the kids mini books are finished!!! I am back to 12x12 layouts... here are 3 that I did last week!  I know I haven't posted on here in a while... but I am still making videos on Youtube and posting on Instagram!!! Follow me on those sites!!

Can you guys believe that summer is half way over ?!?! What are you guys looking foward to the most in the coming seasons??

Saturday, May 3, 2014

National Scrapbooking Day 2014

I hope you guys are having a great National Scrapbooking Day!!  Here is how my day started and part of a project that I never posted. Sorry for the random crying from the baby... hence my name Crafty Scrappy Mamas!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New minibook...

I love to see what you guys think... alsoo how do you prepare for your mini books... I have so many pictures I think mini books are a great way to get a lot of pictures used up and fast!!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Fall Birthday Minibook

So I finished the mini book that I started 2 weeks ago for my baby son's birthday day.  We went to a
pumpkin patch and apple picking... had soo much fun. It was great that all three of the boys had a good time!! So let me talk a little bit about this book!! I used a "kit" or products from my stash... October Afternoon, My Minds Eye, MAMBI, Recollections, Smashbook, Basic Grey, Paper House, Snap and more! You know what, I just decided to pull from my stash and have fun! I did pull some 12x12s, but didn't really use any. I knew I wanted the book to be more like an embellished photo album than a scrapbook! I grounded each photo by using photo corners.  I have to say those were the hardest to decide on... black, clear, or craft....  In the end I went with the black ones... which I know tied in better... since the binding and pen holder are also black.  I used the Recollection brand.

Here are some hints with doing a One event mini book... 
1. Put your photos in order first. I printed out and numbered all my photos first. I would even trim them down if needed.

 2. If you are using a pre-designed book go thru and see if you love and or need all the pages. This Smashbook minibook had a few pages I didn't want to use. Some I ripped out and some I just glued together.

3. Place the pictures into the book(not glued) so you see how they will look next to each other. I personally went in order of the day... so I could be telling a story with this book as well as showing the pictures!

4. Decide whether or not you will be doing layer and such or just photo corners and journal or Both.  I did both so I really knew that I would be using the photo corners and only a single stripe of glue(glue runner) down the middle of each photo... so later I could tuck in layers and embellies without issue.

5. Add the photo corners to the photo... don't try to put the corners on the page then fit the photo. Add the glue then put on page.

6. Put all the photos down first on all of the pages, then go to town embellishing the mini book.  That way if you come across something in your kit... and you are like "Oh that would go great on the Hayride page" you can just stick it in there.

7. Don't feel like you have to finish it all in one night (like me)! I used a bin and drawer to contain the "kit" while I worked on this minibook.

8. Not every page needs to be a layering masterpiece... some simple pages are good!!  Like this page... I just added stickers of pumpkins to beef up the real pumpkins in the photo.

9. Try doing the journaling after you finish the embellishing. Now that the book is all fun'ed up and lovely... it will be easier to conjure up things to say about the events.  I decided to use one 2 page area for the main journaling since it was of my son's birthday. I also did "one line" journaling thru out the book where I thought some of the pictures needed a bit of explanation.

I had a lot of fun working on this mini book! I couldn't even think that I would be able to do 10+ 12x12 layouts as well I did this mini book. Thanks for stopping by and check out these hints and photos. If you want to see more please click here for the YouTube video that is live right now!!

I did the "heaviest" layering on the back and front covers.

Monday, March 24, 2014

HSN is craftin' today!!

If you are a fan of TV shopping... check out HSN for their craft days!!! Today's special is looking really good to me cause I don't have any machines.... I KNOW I KNOW!!! LOL!!! Follow me on Instagram and Youtube to see what I have been hauling lately and if and what I pick up today from HSN!!  Happy shopping!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

First one back!

Hey CSM!!
So I have finished my Christmas 2013 Smashbook (click here for flip thru video) and this is going to be my first 12x12 in about 2 months!! I picked a photo I could concentrate on the colors ie. a picture without a person in it.  I find that when I take a long break from one way or the other the best "start back" layouts come from photos I don't have to "make sense".  Does that make sense??
I mean if I had a picture with the boys walking on the sidewalk... I would have to have the embellies relate to walking, the boys, where we were going, the season etc... But when I use a photo with say this flower I can just do the colors and embellies I want. Simple. I will share the final layout after I finish!!  Have a great coming week!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sammy makes his debut!!

My Hubby makes his debut on my Youtube channel! Here's a look at him! We will be doing some other videos... once he opens up and gets comfy on cam!

DIY pocket and Baby gets the Tree

I have been really enjoying doing this Smash book!! Something about having a "kit" of products and one place to put everything has really kept me motivated to keep going!  I counted yesterday and I have about 7 more layouts to do.

This page features a pocket that I did to give a home to 3 super cute pictures of the baby attacking our tree!! I hope you all enjoy this!!
Any questions ask below or on Youtube!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Christmas parties Smashbook process

Just like last year I am getting on my Christmas scrapbooking now!!! Here is a video from my 2nd page in the book.  Note: I am not going in order for this book!!

I really like this kit!!! Did any of you get one and what did you fill it with?!?!?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year: Fun for 2014!

So my word for the crafty year of 2014 will be FUN!! I want to try new things and new techniques and just have fun with my hobbies!!!  This layout is still under way and totally inspired by 2 videos by the amazing Wilna Furstenberg here and here are her 2 videos!!

Here is a peek at the layout... when I complete it the full picture will be up on here CSM, Instagram and the Two Peas site!!

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