Wednesday, November 27, 2013

6 week layout!!!

Here is a layout I finished last night!! I have been straving for some scrapbooking, but I have been doing Halloween layouts and December Daily calendar cards!! So last night I finished a layout that I started 6 weeks ago!!!

Check my instagram for proof!!! I love how it came out and I am ready to do some more just fall ones today and tomorrow!!! This weekend I will finish up my December Daily cards and holder!!! Just in time for December!!! Got to go scrap!!!

I am on Two Peas also!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Scrapbook kit Clubs

I have been jones'in to get into a scrapbook club for months now... but never was able to.  I remember for my birthday this year in March I had planned to sign up for Studio Calico. But it sold out within 2 mins. THAT left a BAD taste in my mouth.  I have to say that since then the "scrapbook kit monopoly" has been broken and there are WAY more clubs out there!!!  Which presents another problem.... which one to choose!  So I am asking my CSM'ers which clubs do you belong to?? What do you like about them??

Thanks everyone... I'm thinking either December or January to start!!

"When you can, Craft!" ~JES

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Halloween Close up!!

Halloween was so much fun this year... esp. since last year we were homeless because of Super Storm Sandy.  The boys and I really got into the holiday!!! I was super happy to be able to use my passion Makeup to really get the boys into this fun time of year. Here are a few close ups of so of the layouts I have done so far!! If you have any questions or see something you want to know about let me know!!! I have been using most products I found at Michaels on sale AFTER Halloween. Recollections and My Minds Eye.

I am hoping to get finished with the Halloween stuff soon!! I want to finish up my calendar cards (my December Daily) before the first of December!!!!  I have a lot of Fall pictures to scrap before Thanksgiving comes!!! MUST SCRAP EVERYDAY!!! LOL Take care everyone!!!

"When you can, Craft!" ~JES

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Busy Summer and Now we are in Fall

Hello Crafty Scrappy Mamas!!!! Wow this year has flown by!!!  Summer was a blur and with 2 of my 3 boys going to school now I am still just as busy as in the summer, only now I am doing home every night!! I have had sometime to create and plan tho!!!  I also went to the Scrapbook Expo with Nicole!! We shopped and hung out it was fun!! I have videos on Youtube showing all my hauls... check them out below.

About this blog... since this blog is for my hobby I am no longer going to feel bad about not posting... I hate feeling like I HAVE to post!!  I wish I had something mobile to with.  I have a Kindle Fire and a Galaxy s3 but I haven't found that those are great for Blogger.  So I can only get to posting when I have 10mins or so alone... which hardly happens. That being said I have some old news to get to.  IF YOU WON THE NATIONAL SCRAPBOOKING DAY mini contest I had PLEASE contact me again with you info. I still have your winnings but I don't have the addys.

New stuff: I'm doing my own December Daily and getting my Halloween layouts too!! Follow me on Youtube and Instagram to see more from me!!! Thanks everyone... Also check the Gallery link above to see more pictures and what not!!

"When you can, Craft!" ~JES

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