Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Daytimer planna

Here are some pictures of my new DayTimer planner.  It is called the Mom planner.  I found this one at Staples.  Once I got home I tried to look online for this planner and Staples online only had the old cover listed. Weird right.  Here are some great things about this planner...

1. Cover seems durable and the stitching around is a nice touch!!

2. 2 years to use... with 2014/2015 embossed on the front above the tab snap closer

3.The months at a glance pages are lined and separated. With a good size space to write goals and notes.

4. Although there is only one pen loop... it can hold a 6 color multi pen really nicely!! I hope it doesn't get streched out over time... so I will have to rotate the pens.

5. The pouch in the back can even hold longer markers and pens.

6. I might have used out my old one... but this planner also comes with a punch hole mini notebook. With about 50 sheets(eyeballling this amout).

7. There is an ABC phone list in the back.  I am not sure if I am going to use these... just cause I do have my contacts in my phone... but maybe I will list a few really imporant contacts in that list. Speaking of that though there is a separate 3 sheets of Frequently Called Numbers... so I don't think I will need to double up on this phone list.  The ABC list might be the only thing I move into the older planner... just to save space.

8. Holidays are listed in the month pages as well as with in the weeks.

9. Saturday and Sunday get the same space as the other days...  I find this the best cause those are just as busy days for me!!

10. There are 3 great colors for this planner... I would say head out to your local Staples to find this one! I payed around $32 for mine... I am sure maybe less with a coupon!!

11. Here is the link to the Day Timer site which still (as of 8/12/14) has this planner on their site.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Soft Summer

What is summer without a cup of soft serve?? 

So just to make sure the summer would be complete the boys and I took care of this "task" early!! June 19th to be exact!!  Here are some details of the products I pulled....

                                                                                                           Let's talk about the title... As you might of guessed I took inspiration from the sprinkles as far as the rainbow colors.... After I thought up the title (a real stretch LOL) but then I had the challenge of finding the fonts I had more than 3 colors of... 7 in fact!! Then I grabbed my letters album and searched... this is where I remembered I had those My Minds Eye block letter stickers!! They worked out perfectly!! I had decided I wanted to use the card stock sticker sheet from the Sprinkled with Love collection ... even before the title was thought of... just cause it matched so well with the papers I picked!
 Now on to the papers. I used papers from older collections as well as more resent ones. Studio Calico's Lemon Lush and the Print Shop with the American Crafts 5th & Frolic. A Print Shop collection paper is the background. I believe I ordered that from Two Peas(see next line)
That cute "True Story" badge was from Two Peas ( insert ohhhs and sad faces here...)  
Puffy sticker of Love and arrow is a MAMBI sticker.  I found more than a few of those at Mike's a couple of months back... but I know for sure that they have new ones out!!! The adhesive on those MAMBI sticks are insanely good!!! 
The rest of this layout are just great wonders from my stash!!!  I hope you like this layout and if you got inspired from this one... let me know and share!!! 

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