Thursday, April 18, 2013

Simple giveaway!!!

This maybe the simplest and quickest giveaway ever.... Follow this blog either by Google or Email...
That's it!!! If you are already a follower... you are ENTERED!! 
I will do a visit TONIGHT at 10pm.  So that's when this Giveaway is over!!
 I will be sending out TOMORROW afternoon FRIDAY April 19th... US only... sorry friends!

Here is the quick prize!!!
Also if you share on Twitter use the Hashtag #CraftyScrappyMamas (copy and paste) or just write @ScrappyMamas somewhere in your tweet about THIS POST!! If you share on Instagram do a @craftyscrappymamas or #CraftyScrappyMamas you get extra chances to win!!

Recap: 1. Follow the blog
For extra chances to win see above!!

"When you can, Craft!" ~JES


  1. Cute...I followed via email :) Glad to find your blog...I've added it to my bloglovin' list :)

  2. Great gift away....thanks for the chance

  3. Love this lil giveaway( yay washi) . I'm a lil late, but I'll retweet. U know I'm a follower.

  4. Jennifer Chow is the winner if she lives in the U.S. If I don't hear from her within the hour... I will have to pick again!


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