Wednesday, April 10, 2013

1st Crop... what to bring?!?!

I am going to my first crop... over at a Sorority Sisters house... can you ladies tell me what I should bring?!?!?!  I am super excited... I just have no idea what to bring!!! Thanks Ladies!!
"When you can, Craft!" ~JES


  1. Love how you used the paper with all the scrap words on top. What I usually do is plan out the pictures I want to scrap with papers I am going to use with those pictures. I always bring extra papers for matting, etc. And last time I brought most of my embellishments. My friend and I got these cool cases that hold a lot of stuff at joann's I will send you a pic. Have fun- I love crops.

  2. First off, you will have a great time! It is fun to hang out with other scrappers! I agree with Leslie - you need to pre-plan a little bit or you will end up taking way more than you can ever use! I like to work on theme albums at a crop because once you can get in to a rhythm with what you're working on and it's easy to stay in the groove amongst the distraction of chatting with your girlfriends! At the last crop I went to I worked on my son's school album, so it narrowed down what I took to his school pictures, school themed products, papers and embellishments and a few other things just for fun! Hope this helps! Have a great time!


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