Monday, December 2, 2013

December Daily my way!!

So the December Daily craze has started again!!! I am on this bandwagon, but only in the wheel well! When The Coco Martha mentioned it to Swtdreamz03 and I at the Scrapbook expo in Sept... I was like what is that???  I didn't think about it again until Oct. And before I checked into it I just figured it was a daily calender!! So I decided that I would create a flip calender, but couldn't find exactly what I needed. So I went with a clipboard, and I am sooo happy with the outcome!!!  Now I started this back in October so I would be finished by December, but it turns out that I am only on day 18 so I have some still to finish up.  I am doing a daily video of all the cards... today's video was only 50secs so these are short videos! I am hoping none will be longer than 2 mins!
I have a few videos done about the cards that I will share below and don't forget to follow me on instagram  (craftyscrappymamas) so you can see the still pictures of the cards each day.  I will do a weekly group picture post on here too!!! Happy December!!

***A few people have asked why am I doing a calender and not a full on December Daily book... quite simply I didn't know it was daily scrapbooking at first.  And there would be NO WAY in my crazy life that I could scrapbook or even print the photos for the days every day!! This just works better for me and my family!!  Enjoy your holidays!!***
 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share below your links to your December Daily!!

Creating December 1st card!

Creating December 2nd card!

The Clipboard!

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