Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Hey CSM!!! How is everyone?  I hope your December has not been too crazy for you all!  So this layout was a fluke really... my dad gave me a ton of photos from my childhood.  These two popped out at me.  My dress from 8th grade prom was black and white and my 12th grade prom dress was light cream. But the Sr. prom pic was far enough away that I thought black, white and red would just work. My date was wearing a white tux so that sealed the color choices for me.
I was inspired by the latest 213 in 2013 video for the Two Peas site... here is my post there. Have you guys gone back to scrap old photos like this??

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  1. Beautiful layout! Love the colors and the hexagons - especially the one over your date's face!! Hope all is well. xo


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