Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sunday/Monday Haul of Scrappyness!

TJ Maxx
So as of now... I am totally off a No- Buy... it's just not happening... Laugh if you will cause I am too!!! My plan is if I am going to buy... it will be awesome deals only and SUPPLIES. Anywhooo... there are some pictures from a haul from Sunday and Monday. TJ Maxx and Marshalls has more fun Thickers and other scrappy things!! I hope you guys get out there and find some good deals!!
Also follow me on Instagram cause I post a lot stuff in the now(while I am shopping)  Enjoy the pictures!!
Oh and I went to Marshalls today Wednesday and CLEAN UP!!! That's a video tho... cause I got like 10+ sets!
These are from Michaels... those Glitter pieces! Each set were 79 Cents!!

Snakes from Michaels at 40% and Mask and Bus are from ACMoore

TJ Maxx

Sequins from a random dollar store. 

"When you can, Craft!" ~JES

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