Friday, March 8, 2013

Crafty Scrappy Mamas First Sketch Challenge


I am so excited for this!! 
Below are the rules and links!! Have fun!!
  • click for my YOUTUBE
  • Sketch page link above or here!! 9 sketches to pick from!!
  • Contest ends March 21st!
  • Enter as many times as you can!!
  • Post VIDEO resp to this link ( to that video ONLY Please)
  • Comment below with your link to your blog or webpage if you don't do videos!!
  • You must state which sketch you were inspired by!
  • Any questions ask below here or on the Youtube video!!!
  • ok you guys got it!! 
I can't wait to see these layouts!! Prize pictures coming soon... I ordered some stuff online and I am still waiting for one store to come in!!

"When you can, Craft!" ~JES


  1. Hi, I heard frim vicky (on youtube melovebono)that you have a new site. I know how difficould it is to met new people on blogger so just want to say hi :)

  2. Hey! Thanks so much... Vicki's friends are amazingly supportive!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hello! Here's my entry for the Crafty Scrappy Mamas 1st Sketch Challenge:

    I picked Sketch 4 for this layout! :)

    I've subscribed to your YouTube channel, this blog, and have been sharing this contest on my Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts (I provided photo proof in my link above too). Please let me know if I've missed any of the rules. ;)

    I'm a fairly new scrapbooker (started December 2012) and this was my first time participating in a scrapbook challenge - so exciting! Thanks for hosting such a fun contest; I really enjoyed making this page. :)

  5. this is my take thanku for an awesome challenge i used sketch #4

    thanks again for the chance

  6. i subscribed to your YouTube channel, this blog, and shared this on my Facebook- Google accounts sorry forgot to mention that.... thanks again


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