Sunday, March 9, 2014

First one back!

Hey CSM!!
So I have finished my Christmas 2013 Smashbook (click here for flip thru video) and this is going to be my first 12x12 in about 2 months!! I picked a photo I could concentrate on the colors ie. a picture without a person in it.  I find that when I take a long break from one way or the other the best "start back" layouts come from photos I don't have to "make sense".  Does that make sense??
I mean if I had a picture with the boys walking on the sidewalk... I would have to have the embellies relate to walking, the boys, where we were going, the season etc... But when I use a photo with say this flower I can just do the colors and embellies I want. Simple. I will share the final layout after I finish!!  Have a great coming week!!

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