Friday, September 19, 2014

New Scrapbooking Tool

I am late to the game I know... but I just couldn't handle the money for a tape dispenser. Even though some of my friends and fellow YT scrappers SWEAR by it... I resisted. Anyway  I got on a kick for tapes and I was using Ad Techs disposable ones that you can get at TJMaxx and Marshalls and Tuesday morning... but the waste is nutty.  The cost was pretty good, but it was so short lived. I did about 3 layouts per runner. So I was on the way to the Scrapbook Expo this past weekend ( see video) and had on my mind that if I saw it being sold there I would buy it.
Of course I didn't see it!!  So today I checked my apps for coupons and ACMoore had a 55% off coupon. Now since last week I have been checking all local stores to find the best price. I even used another coupon to buy the refills (yes before I had the glider) LOL... Anywho I used the 55% off coupon at Michaels  to get this set.

I posted on a Facebook group that I got the glider and got a lot of useful tips to a new comer!! Thanks everyone... here are some tips from FB and a newbie(me)
* practice before using the glider on a project
*saves money on tapes
*kind of press up and away to break tape
*you can rub off the tape before really pressing it down
*watch a video to learn how to load/reload the glider... this is the video I watched (I <3 MercyTiara)

Thanks for reading everyone... now I just have to just find where I put those refills I
already brought... LOL

p.s. Here is a link for Amazon... in case you wanted to order online

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